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Born in Bogotá, Colombia, 1973. He was early exposed to classical music through his father, an amateur musician and music lover. Jaime´s musical journey started with whistling when he was three years old. He then started singing with a few school bands when he was 14 years old and the ‘Rock en Español’ boom was starting in Latino America. He was in his second year of college when a friend invited him to join his band as a bass player. With that first band, SINAI, he played the bar circuit in Bogota and toured Colombia for the first time.

In 1994, Jaime joined a more professional band VERTIGO and played in the first three versions of FESTIVAL ROCK AL PARQUE (1995-97), one of the most important rock festivals in South America. In 1998, travelled to La Habana, Cuba, to deepen in his understanding of music theory. The power of Cuban music and culture made a great impact on Jaime´s mind and soul and made him aware of the importance of learning about the roots  of Colombian music.

In 1999, Jaime went back to Colombia and joined Alejandro Aponte to found MALANGA, a musical venture that blended the African music from Colombia, Brasil, and Cuba. Inspired by this experience, Jaime traveled to the Caribbean coast of Colombia, learning directly from the traditional musicians like Toño Garcia (Gaiteros de San Jacinto), Sixto Silgado "Paito" (Gaiteros de Punta Brava), Encarnacion Tovar, Orlando Yepes, Fredys Arrieta, & Catalino Parra.

During the summer of  2001, Jaime traveled to New York City and founded LA CUMBIAMBA eNeYe with Martin Vejarano, Andreas Guarin, and Sebastian Cruz among others. This collective remains as one of the most important representatives of Colombian music in NYC. Right after, he started teaching middle school drama and music at COLEGIO NUEVA GRANADA (the American School in Bogotá, Colombia). Even though his new teaching responsibilities started to absorb most of his time and energy, he still took the time to join Pedro Ojeda (Frente Cumbiero, SIDESTEPPER, Ondatropica and Los Pirañas) to found one of the first afrobeat bands in Bogota, PALANCA, work with Gilbert Martinez (Carlos Vives) on his TAMBORA DE GILBERT project, and Freddy Enriquez (ALE KUMA) on TAMBORES QUE CANTAN, a band that showcased music from the African diaspora in different countries of Latin America.

During the last years before coming to live in Austin, Jaime recorded as a bass player on albums with ANE LEUX, a singer songwriter from San Sebastian, Pais Vasco, and MASILVA from Bogotá Colombia, taught high school music performance classes, and started to dream of opening The World Music School. In July 2016, Jaime and his new wife, Molly, relocated to Austin, Texas where Jaime immediately joined a Colombian collective, WACHE. This lead him to other projects around Austin such as KIKO VILLAMIZAR, SUPERFONICOS, & BRAMAYA. Most recently SUPERFONICOS was selected as an Austin City Limits Festival performer for 2018 and can be found performing around the Austin area several times a month. 


​Music, math, & education have always been a huge part of Molly's life. In fact, in utero, Molly's mom was working on completing her teaching license in mathematics while continuing to enjoy her musical background. Combine that with the fact that Molly's dad is a mathematician and physician and you could say that math, music, & education quite literally are in her DNA! 

Growing up, Molly danced and played volleyball in Austin, Texas. She continued her studies at the University of Kansas where she majored in Mathematics and later received her master's degree in Secondary Mathematics Education. In 2009, math & education took Molly to South America where she began her teaching career at the American School of Asuncion. After 2 years in Paraguay, Molly moved to Colombia where she taught AP and regular Calculus for 4 years. While Molly thoroughly enjoyed teaching, it was a different experience abroad that impacted her more profoundly - volunteering with Un Techo Para Mi Pais. While working alongside her students to build emergency, temporary homes for those in need, Molly got to connect with the country-side people of Paraguay and Colombia and it was there that her heart felt alive. During the summer of 2013, Molly traveled with Jaime to the Colombian coast where she met Paito (Sixto Silgado), Toño García, & numerous other musicians and mentors while exploring rural Colombia. The trip, while tough, was life-changing in more ways than one. First, it was the trip where Molly fell in love with Jaime...#hearteyes. Second, Molly learned mosquitoes love her in South America just as much as they do in North America - ha! And third, it was on that trip that The World Music School dream came alive and new goals came into Molly's view. 

Since that trip, Molly & Jaime have married & relocated to Austin, Texas with one major goal in mind: let's bring the world and all of its beauty to all the people. Molly is excited about all that is yet to come with The World Music School and encourages you all to follow along to see their journey!